Established in 1963, the Department of Political Science is one among the premier centers  of the university. Reputed academics/Professors viz  Satya Bushan, Z.M. Qureshi, K.R. Bombwall,  Shanti Swarup  M.K.Teng,  G.H.Khan,  Mr R K.Bhat, Saleem Kidwai,  G.M.Shah,Tasneem Bakshi, Noor Ahmed  Baba have served the Department and some of them piloted it to its present destination. The Department in its early phase was able to develop a connect with different segments and stakeholders of society through its weekly seminar outreach programme. This helped in grand opening up of the Department towards understanding challenges  in polity, society and economy of the country in general and the state in particular. Apart from operating the MA programme, the Department has significantly contributed to  research. So far  75 M.Phil/ PhD scholars have completed their degrees and are gainfully employed and some having  made a mark in both public and academic life. The pivotal  areas of research have been: State Politics, Federalism, International Relations, South Asia, Governance and Globalization, Peace and Conflict Studies.  Presently there are about 172 students enrolled  for the M.A  programme. The number of research students registered with the Department is twenty one. The basket of courses operated at the Department include: Political Thought and Theory, International Relations, Public Administration, Comparative Politics, Indian Political System, Politics of Jammu and Kashmir, Research Methodology, Human Rights and  Contemporary Political Philosophy. The faculty members at the Department are engaged in multiple research, consultancy and outreach programmes. The department shall in future apply for UGC-Special Assistance programme and also sign some important MOU,s with leading institutions /centers aimed at building academic connectivity and also to widen its outreach.

Message of Head of the Department

  We are committed to the core values of our university - Integrity, Inclusivity, Excellence, Learning, Collaboration and  Diversity to build a humane society and just global order.

About Head  of the Department