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Research Papers Published

  • ""Sub-regional conflicts and selective autonomy in J&K: Hill Councils in power"" RACE & CLASS, SAGE Journals, 56(2): 81 -92 {ISSN: 1741-3125}
  • "Keep Back channels in Full Flow" the kashmir Ink, 02(15): 48 -51
  • "Discourse on Kashmir: From Territoriality to ‘Enlightened Sovereignty’" Institute of South Asian Studies Nation University of Singapore, ISAS Insights, ISAS(313): 1 -16
  • "Kashmir: letter written by late Jayaprakash Narayan to the then Prime Minister of India, Smt. Indira Gandhi, on June 23, 1966" Mainstream, VOL LIV(No 38): 12 -15 {ISSN: 978-93-82}
  • "Keep Back channels in Full Flow" Kashmir Ink, Vol,.02(3): 48 -51
  • "Back From the Brink: The Indo-Pak Rapprochement" Mainstream, LIX(16): Pub Med ID. 55

Books Published

  • "Kashmir and South Asia". Manohar, New Delhi. {ISBN: 10: 8173045739 ISBN} pp 450
  • "Self-Rule and Autonomy: Politics of Contestation in J&K". Gyan Books, New Delhi. {ISBN: 10: 8121205042} pp 05
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  • "C-O-V-I-D stand for.... Giving meaning to the 5 alphabets in COVID -19". Greater Kashmir. pp 04
  • "What GK told us? The role and signifi cance of vernacular media needs to be recognized for more than one reason". Greater Kashmir. pp 04
  • "China Reads India as a Revanchist Power". Greater Kashmir. pp 04
  • "Jammu and Kashmir: pain in polity". Greater Kashmir. pp 04
  • "We need guts to know". Greater Kashmir. pp 04
  • "Draft national Educational policy 2019 needs fine-tuning". Mainstream, New Delhi. pp 25

Research Projects Details:

Title of the ProjectFunding AgencyDatedAmount (in Rs.)
LOKNITI - CSDS JAMMU & KASHMIR STUDY - 2014Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, New Delhi02-12-2014200,000.00

Research Scholars:

Aijaz Ashraf WaniPh.D Awarded Part-time